My name is “Surprise Koda” called Koda, an adorable Cockerpoo born on the 10th of January in Saxony, Germany. Both my parents are Cockerpoos (from American Cockerspaniel and Poodle ) so I am F2 generation . My humans found me at my breeder Nicole Minzlaff, .

The first 5 years of my life we were living in the German capital Berlin. Cockerpoos weren’t as common then and I was getting alot of attention from people on the streets. I love to greet everyone and I was told lots of times what a little charmer I am. My human mummy started a local Cockerpoo group in Berlin with regular meet ups and I made a few doggie and human friends.

I loved going the nearby lakes to walk and swim or play on the beach. My favourite toy is any ball. When I was a puppy I had to go to puppy school, but sometimes I choose not to listen well and be a bit naughty like puppies are. However I was growing out of that phase and learnt to listen to my humans. We joined a club to train agility which was a lot of fun. Later my mummy thought is was a good idea to take me to dog dance lessons. I am a clever boy and if I get yummy treats I enjoy doing all sorts of tricks for it. I will show you some of these in my Trick section.
In summer 2019 I moved to the UK so my human mummy and me can join  my human daddy again. I now love having a garden and lots more space to play. We are exploring more country side and starting to meet more doodle friends. Because I like balls so much my humans thought I might enjoy the Flyball sport. We joined the Fire Dragons in Bedfordshire and so far its great fun…

My Mum Surprise Myrthe

My Dad Surprise Ikarus

Puppy Photos